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Service Pack 1 (

Service Pack 1 (

You Must be Running SMARTer Manager: 10.5.x to apply Srvc Pack1 ( 

If you are not running version 10.5.x do not apply this service pack.

1554: Error: "Could not find object. Ambiguous field name between table..."

Creating views in previous versions of SMARTer Manager exhibited an error message:

"Could not find object. Ambiguous field name between table TABLENAME and table TABLENAME"



Your message might read: Could not find object. Ambiguous field name between table SALESORD and table SALESORD"



This issue has been resolved with SMARTer Manager version


1992: Receive ALL button not setting items to received.

In SMARTer Manager 10.5.6781 the Receive All button in the Purchase Order module didn't update the item's status to Received.

The Receive All button has been updated to Receive All items and set their status to Received.

This issue is resolved in version

1993: Update Copyright

The login splash screen and other areas displayed last year's copyright notice. Updated the Copyright notice throughout SMARTer Manager to the proper dates, 2005-2019.