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Last modified on 10/26/2013 9:05 AM.

Service Pack

8.5.6 Service Pack2 (

987: Too Many Jobs Getting Bumped Off Schedule

Freezing the shipment will not change until the user physically changes the status and un-freezes the shipment.

Full functionality to Lock (Freeze) the complete Master Schedule is schedule for the next major release, 8.5.8

602: Set Default Number of Copies to Print

If the user changes the Invoice/Packing Slip, Purchase Order, Estimates number of copies to print the system remembers the users selection and sets that number of copies as the default.

1013: Can't Run BOM Reports

The BOM Roll Up report produced errors when running on Windows 7 x64.

This has been resolved with a new SMARTR7.DLL

1014: Can't Locate Copied Text

Using the Locate function in SMARTer Manager by Copying text, CRTL+V, and then pasting the text,CRTL+C, would paste unwanted text into the Locate field the user was selecting.

This is issue has been resolved in version

1016: Can't Choose Tax Codes

Inside the Accounting Module of SMARTer Manager the Tax Code selection fields on the Financials>Tax Code tab wouldn't allow the user to edit or select a tax code.

This issue has been resolved in version

1017: Cut/Paste paste wrong information

If the user had initially selected the Work Center tab in Production Orders and copies, CRTL+C, and pastes, CRTL+V, notes into the Production Order notepad it copies and pastes:SELECT SUM(ACT_HOURS) FROM WRKMAIN WHERE SHP_ID = 1 into the notepad the user is trying to update.

If Locate was used to find the Production Order and then paste, CRTL+V, was used to add information to the notepad other data would appear.

This issue has been resolved in version

1018: Can't Edit Other Part in Purchasing

Purchase Order Items with a part type of Other wouldn't allow the user to add a new item or edit an existing item.

Due to a new functionality and behavior for part types of Other the field seemed to be locked or not refreshing.

This issue has been resolved in version

The new functionality for part types of Other within Purchase Order Items is a search and drop down field. This allows the user to type any data into the field that pertains to an existing part type of Other and the system will retrieve the information and display it to the user.

Example: If you are ordering a box of gloves, click in the field and type gloves.

The field will then display all previously entered purchase order items with a part type of other that has the word glove either in the Item or Description field. 

If you see the item you want either hit enter, tab passed the field or double click to select it.

If you don't see the exact item you may continue to type your item in the Item field and Description field.

971: User Supplied Job Number in Master Assembly Breaks Master Schedule

When the user has set the System Preferences to User Supplied Job Numbers and created a Master Assembly Production Order from BOM all jobs received the same job number.

This issue has been resolved in version

The new functionality will append a number in sequential order starting with the number 1 for the first child job.

The user creates a Master Assembly that results in three production orders being created.

Master Item/Job Number: 123
Sub/Child / Job Number: 123-1
Sub/Child / Job Number: 123-2

725: Generate PO For Customer From Requirements Has Wrong Window Style

The wrong style form for this module was being used. This issue has been resolved and the new style form has been implemented.

746: BOM Import Doesn't Import Full Item Number

Importing BOM and Inventory Items with item numbers exceeding 50 AlphaNumeric characters were truncated or not imported without warning to the user.

This has been resolved in BOM Import exe and the user now receives a displayed message with the information.

427: Resource Schedule Designer Generates Error

Attempting to user the Designer on the Resource Schedule module would result in an error: v7ResEuro.ini is corrupt. Must be unique.

This issue has been resolved in version

494: Not Able To Enter $0.00 As An Ending Amount During Checkbook Reconciliation

If the user attempted to reconcile a checking account to $0.00 ending balance a validation message would appear telling the user that the Ending Balance field was Required.

This issue has been resolved in version

All checking accounts can now be reconciled to $0.00 ending balance.

1015: Purchase Order Items Can't Tab to Description

The tab order within the Purchase Order Items data entry screen skips over the Description field and goes straight to Unit of Measure when tabbing from the Item field.

This issue has been resolved in version

A complete update of the tab orders and tab stops inside this module has been done. Each field is accessible in form order using the tab key.

1009: Purchase Order Selection Character Limit

The Purchase Order Number field in the Purchasing module allowed for 30 characters to be entered but if the user exceeded 15 the Purchase Order wouldn't print and a message was displayed.

The message text was: PO:012345678901234 does not contain any items. Printing aborted.

This issue has been resolved in version

The printing field has been updated to allow the 30 characters to print continuously.

1002: Payment Selection Window Size

In Accounts Payable>Payment Selection the Total column, the Pay field isn't fully displayed (the second "cent" digit is hidden).

This issue has been resolved in version

1019: Payable Window Resize Issues

In Accounts Payable if the user clicked the Purchase Order Items tab and then expanded the size of the window the information located within the Purchase Order Items tab would not expand with the window leaving empty space on the form.

This issue has been resolved in version

All the contents of the tabs properly expands with the window size.