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Last modified on 8/22/2014 11:22 AM.

Service Pack 5 (

This service pack,, is inclusive of service packs 500, 502 & 517 of major version 8.5.8

1199: Deleting a Deposit  Causes Unwanted Results in SMARTer Manager

SMARTer Manager version allowed users to delete deposits, unwanted functionality that was introduced via the new interface. This functionality has been reverted to the intended functionality, allowing only for the editing of deposits and removing the delete button.

1160: Ability to Resize Process Plan Window

The ability to resize the Process Plan window was lost when the new look was implemented in 8.5.8 This issue has been resolved with version

1169: Inventory Refresh

In some instances an inventory items activity didn't update to the screen immediately when receiving items through purchasing. This issue has been resolved in version

1170: Business Manager & View Builder

If a user modified a view while Business Manager was open it would cause SMARTer Manager to close. This issue has been resolved in version

1177: Unnecessary Menu in Checkbook Reconciliation

Version and above implemented a toolbar option that was unnecessary. This toolbar has been removed and the standard button functionality left on the reconciliation window.

1178: Print Item Tree

The Print Item Tree window had the Print button mislabeled as OK. The button as been correctly labeled as Print in version

1193: Change Stock Unit Wizard

SMARTer Manager's new face hid the Test Equation button in the Stock Unit of Measure Change Wizard. This issue has been resolved and the button is now visible. Version

SMARTer Manager version is available via a download link. All client/workstation machines must be updated, your SMARTer Manager server, ShopTrak and DCS machines do not require the update, by running the V8.5.8.522.exe file. If you need assistance with this issue you can contact or call 877.255.8221