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Last modified on 8/22/2014 11:19 AM.


Service Pack 8 (



Service Pack 8 (

1202: Estimate Detail "Add" "Edit" and "Delete" Buttons not functioning

The lower detail data entry forms in the Estimate module became inactive and caused them not to function. This appeared in release, it did not affect versions before this.

It has been fixed in version The RTM known as Service Pack 8 ( of Major Release Version 8.5.8.x includes this fix.

1203: Estimate Customer Auto-fill not functioning

In version the customer detail information (Ship To, Buyer, Sales Rep) was not auto-filling when selecting a customer in the Estimates module.

This issue has been resolved in Service Pack 8, known as version

1205: Customize Grid option in Fast Find

The right click option of Customize Grid was lost during the changes to SMARTer Manager's look. This feature has been reinitialized in Service Pack 8, version