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Service Pack

All projects: 9.5.5 Srvc Pack1 (

1192: Object Manager Annotations per Transaction

NEW: Closely related to Case 504. Adding multiple annotations per object with each annotation assigned individually.

Image files can be annotated. These annotations are entirely independent of any item-specific annotations. If a user wants to create a second annotation on a specific file, they must copy that file and annotate the copy.

Annotations on an image can be mass-deleted via a new delete button. If there are both saved and unsaved annotations, the button will allow the user to choose whether to delete only the unsaved, or all.

1581: Work Center Listing Report

NEW: Added a Work Center Listing report which displays multiple default resources per work center. This report is assigned to a report security level as defined by a system administrator.

1564: Inventory activity grid not displaying Job or Customer info for Shipment activity

Blank rows were visible on the inventory activity grid. To add the rows back, the user configured the grid with the Customize Grid module.

This issue is resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5 Service Pack 1 (, and the user does not need to customize the grid to view the data.

1560: Issue to Job number in inventory Not functioning

Issuing material to a job in Inventory>Lot Quantity Tab>Right Click Grid Menu>Issue to Job. The transaction seems to post without any error or warning. The material in some instances was not issued and no notice given to the user.

This issue is resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5 Service Pack 1(

1561: Purchase Order Requirements - "Refresh All" button not working......

NEW: The Refresh All button in the Purchase Order Requirements module only refreshed the grid data when entering a new purchase order for the item selected.

New functionality updates the lower detail of the selected grid item. Highlight an item in the upper grid, click the Refresh All button and the detail data is immediately updated.

Note: The date on this article represents the date the Release Notes were posted here, not the date of the actual release.