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Last modified on 9/13/2017 1:34 PM.

Release Notes 9.5.5

All projects: 9.5.5 SM (Major DVD Release)

This release includes 8 new product enhancements and 37 bug fixes.

1506: Quote symbol, ", not converted from BOM

Creating a Production Order from the Bill of Materials module caused the quote symbol used for inches, ", to be dropped during the conversion.

The conversion issue has been resolved and verified in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x

920: Purchase Order Item - Other/Misc drop down

NEW: Adding a Miscellaneous Purchase Order Item or a Purchase Order Item Part Number Type of Other the user had to input all necessary information.

This functionality has been modified to include a drop down menu selection of previously entered items. Selecting one of the previously entered items automatically fills in the form fields with the previously entered data.  This will eliminate repetitive data entry and save man hours.

1495: Can't reserve from multiple lots

NEW: Multiple Lot Reservations
Users can now create reservations spanning multiple lots from these locations:

MRP Data Entry -> Reserve Inventory button
Sales Orders -> Shipments Data Entry -> Reserve Inventory button
Inventory -> Inventory Reservations & Requirements -> Reserve button

User Instructions

The user instructions in the upper portion of the dialog have been updated. These vary depending on whether it allows Requirements to be generated.


When called from MRP and Sales Orders Shipments, the form is ready to create a requirement. The "Set To Reserve" button allows one or more reservations to be generated.

When called from Inventory, the dialog is restricted to generating only reservations.


By default the dialog displays the lots for all warehouses that have locations for the inventory item. A checkbox allows the user to restrict the lots to those of a selected warehouse.

Reserve Amounts

The user enters the desired reserve amounts. Amount entry is not enabled when generating a requirement.

Default Amounts

The Default Amounts button will automatically fill in the Reserve Amounts to match the target amount.

Generate Requirement

This button will generate a requirement for the selected warehouse.

Generate Reservation

This button will generate one or more Lot reservations matching the entered Reserve Amounts. A requirement will be generated for any remainder (shortage).

533: Multiple Lots

NEW: Related to Case 1495.

The ability to generate requirements and reservations from multiple lots.  The user selects multiple lots to fulfill the requirement of an inventory item using the quantity available from multiple lots.

Three functionalities

1. Allows user to create a Reservation only
Allows user to create a Requirement or Reservation
2. Allows the user to create a Requirement or 3. Reservation, and before displaying the form the code clears all existing requirements and reservations data. If user cancels, the cleared data is restored (transaction  rolled back)

1526: Create Order from BOM - Data Entry Form - Allow the window to be resized

NEW: Added the ability to resize the data entry form when creating an order from a BOM. The data entry form is found in the Bill Of Material module by clicking the Create Order button.

1527: Report query display

NEW: When printing a report, simultaneously hold down the CONTROL and ALT keys.
This will cause a separate window to pop up containing the report query text.
This text can be selected and copied to the clipboard.

1536: Add subqueries to hotkey report query display

NEW: Related to Enhancement Case 1527. When the user is viewing a report in the Report Manager and uses the Hot Key combination to see the SQL statement of the main report, any subsequent sub-reports SQL statements will also display in the window.

The sequence of displayed SQL queries is:
1. Main report query
2. Subreport queries display in the order they run. Listed as Subreport:<REPORTNAME.RPT> (Subreport:SUBLOGO.RPT)

1557: Object Manager - Access Violation adding multiple files

Resolved in version 9.5.5 of SMARTer Manager.
1. Windows Media Error component. It happened in the Object Manager module use after using the open dialog to add files. The SMARTer application would then become unstable, requiring it to be closed and restarted.

2. The other error occurred in Object Manager module
use when removing the last file in a folder. In some instances, the error led to an access violation but did not result in making the application unstable.

1543: Sales Orders - adding to In-Process Quantity

Entering a Sales Order for an inventory item would increase the In-Process Quantity in inventory. The In-Process Quantity only uses the quantity entered from Production Orders.

Quantity In-Process: Displays an item's total quantity on open Production Orders to fulfill requirements or to replenish stock.

This issue is resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x

1545: Create Master Assembly doesn't convert Object Manager files.

When creating a Master Assembly Production Order from Bill of Materials the files attached to the Master BOM Item in the Object Manager were not transferring over.

This issue has been resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x and all files, regardless of file type, are transferred to the Master Assembly Production Order when using the Create Master Assembly button in the Bill of Materials module.

709: Deleting a Purchase Order with Received Items Causes "On Order" to be Incorrect

Deleting a purchase order could cause the On Order quantity in Inventory to display an incorrect number. This issue has been resolved.

1126: Auto Pilot Bumping jobs

Improvements to Automatic Substitution and Shift assignments have been made to decrease the amount of bumped jobs produced with running the AutoPilot.

Including better user control over jobs, printing bumped jobs report, schedule the jobs in a shared time slot similar to Infinite scheduling, and more.

Recalling the last bumped jobs report and storing the changes until the reported bumped jobs have been satisfied.

1509: Accounting - Payroll Wizards - QuickBooks Payroll Wizard

Logging into the Quickbooks Payroll Wizard reported the wrong database version. This issue is resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x

1511: Line item displays multiple times on invoice and packing slip forms

Printing invoices and packing slips for shipped jobs displayed line items multiple time on the forms depending on the item type, MRP versus Non-MRP, and based on if the item was issued from multiple lots.
This issue is resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x

1523: Production Orders - MRP not creating the requirement

Loading work centers from an existing job did not always bring over the associated MRP items.

This issue is resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x

1585: Installing on Windows 10 issue

The SMARTer install contains script logic preventing anything other than a client type installation from the server installation files located on a SMARTer server installation.

If the folder name is "WS" and setup.exe was run directly instead of via Client_Workstation.bat, then the installation is aborted with a message instructing the user to run Client_Workstation.bat.

1508: Error when running Sales activity report

The Sales Activity reports would produce various errors when the wrong version DLLs are present. Installing other applications/programs that used the same DLLs as SMARTer Manager created a version conflict.

This issue is resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x. Installing fresh DLL's during upgrades and initial installs fixed this problem.

1546: DCS 2.0 scans don't automatically move to next field

This issue existed in DCS 2.0 only. Some off-the-shelf scan guns were not programmed to use SMARTer Manager's font code; the program wasn't recognizing the scan.

This issue is resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x and allows for the use of multiple font types by DCS 2.0 which moves the cursor to the next data entry field.

1540: Production Orders - Ord. Qty. vs. Prod. Qty Issue

NEW and resolves other issues.

A new production shipment's production quantity now defaults to the production order's value minus the total of all existing shipment production quantities.

BOM master assembly to order will now set the top level production order shipment's production quantity to the production order's production quantity.

1541: Required Fields in Production Order Data Entry

NEW: Added the customer field to the required field list in Production Orders. Updated the visual indicators for required fields when the user attempts to post a record without the required data.

1534: Object Manager - Print Setup and Print Selected functionality

NEW: Added printing functionality to the Object Manager. Print setup and Printing for files associated with the Object Manager.

15: Security Administration Advanced Functions - Read-Only

Setting forms, components, and fields to Read-Only did not always work.

Updated usage of the Advanced Security Functions of SMARTer Manager's Administrative Security module to set Read-Only attributes.

The Advanced Functions are targeted to advanced
users and should be used under the supervision of
our Technical Support staff.

462: Exporting Crystal Report to ODBC Not Functioning

When exporting via ODBC format a Crystal Report in SMARTer Manager, the user may experience different error messages:
Failed to export the report. Token unknown or Failed to export the report. Positive value expected.

Exporting as an ODBC format is not recommended but remains available. The most popular export format is Excel, CSV, Rich Text, or Tab Separated. The export functions in the Report Manager are Crystal Reports and is not code written by SMe Software, Inc.

1519: Issue one reservation of a multi lot issues all related reservations

Issuing a single material reservation from inventory when there are multiple lot reservations for the same item, issues all reservations.

This issue is resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x and only issues the lot reservations that are physically selected by the user.

1521: " symbol Not coming over for Estimate.

This issue is related to Case 1506 - Quote symbol, ", not converted from BOM
SMARTer Manager – Bill of Materials

This issue has been resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x

1514: BOM Auto Reservations - Class TSSNavigator not found error

Previous versions sometimes exhibited an error from the Estimates>"Create Order" Button>Auto BOM Reservations>" Edit Reservation/Requirement" "Class TSSNavigator not found".

This issue is resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x

1535: BOM Usage dialog

When trying to view, resize, and display data in the Bill of Material Usage screen the grid and some field backgrounds were not user-friendly.

This issue has been resolved in SMARTer Manager 9.5.5.x