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Last modified on 9/30/2017 5:55 AM.

Release Notes 8.5.7

SMARTer Manager 8.5.7 SM (Major DVD Release)

1012: Server and Terminal Server Installs Need More DCS Options

Related to case 1011.

Installation directories have been updated for DCS32 and DCS64.

1025: Can't Log Into Multiple DB's Through Terminal Services

From a Terminal Server install users couldn't log into multiple facilities from the same client. This issue was due to Microsoft security changes.

The issue has been resolved through the implementation of GUID and session data needed for the client being available in a globally available directory.

1026: Master Schedule Prints Years of Nothing

In some instances printing the Master Schedule would generate calendars without data due to an issue with the calendar controls.

This issue has been resolved and the Master Schedule Gantt Chart prints strictly selected data via the user selection.

The Master and Resource Gantt charts will now look 90 days prior to the Start Date entered on the calendar control and 90 days after the End Date entered on the end date calendar control. This allows the user to scroll to these dates or drill down to them.

1011: Terminal Server Missing WS32 and WS64

In some instances the Terminal Server Install of SMARTer Manager didn't create all the necessary client installers.

This has been resolved and the client installation files for 32bit and 64bit installations are available in their respective WS32 or WS64 directories for performing installations across the network.