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Enhancement Request
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Last modified on 10/26/2013 11:57 AM.

Enhancement Request

How to submit an enhancement request


You can submit an enhancement request automatically using SMe Software's project site. All enhancement requests are reviewed on an ongoing basis and implemented based on a rating. The rating takes into account the number of times the enhancement has been requested, the impact it will have on the manufacturing industry across sectors, relation to other requests, the level of difficulty and time to implement.

Once the enhancement requests have been categorized and rated they are then placed on our Kanban board and implemented into our project timeline. Systematically we implement the requests and then add them to our release notes as they are released to the users. If you submit your email address and company name you will be notified about the release. Attaching any HDT# that you may have is helpful also for tracking and information gathering, the HDT# would have been emailed to you from our CEB department if you initiated the request via phone or email with one of our techs.

When you arrive at the submission site you will be viewing the form below. Please fill in all fields with as much detail as possible, this will allow our developers to better understand the request and they will be able to contact you should they need further information.

1. Step One is to select the correct SMe Software Project. Does the enhancement relate to SMARTer Manager, Shop Floor DCS (Data Collection Station), ShopTrak (SMe Software's Inventory Control), Online Help, etc. If you don't find a specific project you may choose Email Submission and we'll place it in the correct category.

2. Choose the Area of the software this enhancement applies to. If you don't find the Area you are looking for or aren't sure you may use the Other option.

3. Add a Title for your submission. Short and specific works the best.

4. Enter your company email address.

5. Enter the current version of the product you are using. You can find this by clicking Help>About on the menu bar or in newer versions of the products this information is also listed at the time of log in and on the bottom of the menu bar once logged in.

6. Enter the operating system version in the Computer field.

7. In the text area please give specific details of the enhancement request. What you want the product to do, What options with this enhancement should be available, The end result of the enhancement. Explain the benefits of the changes, provide the steps to get to the area you are requesting enhancements to. If you are using a work around please provide those steps as well. This information will give us a better understanding of the request.

8. If you have a supporting document you may attach it to the request using the paper clip icon. Supporting documentation might be screen shots with markups, example reports, etc.

9. You may change the text input to better organize the submission by clicking on either the Plain text or Rick text link.

10. Review the information and click the submit button when you are satisfied with the entry. After submission you will receive and email and link to the enhancement you submitted. When public updates are made to the enhancement you will be able to follow the progress using the link that was emailed to you.

Thank you for your submission! Click this link to continue to the online submission form.