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View SQL
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Last modified on 1/17/2023 10:02 AM.


View SQL

SMARTer Manager View SQL Statement

  • When running a Crystal report from SMARTer, hold down the Control and Alt keys to get a popup form displaying the one or more queries to be executed for the report.
  • The View Builder has a View SQL button below the grid.
  • The Business Manager's data grid has a right click menu option, View SQL.
  • All the streaming forms (Production Orders, Sales Orders, Inventory) have a right click ViewSQL menu option in the upper grid when the upper section is in grid display (versus record field display).
  • All Fast Find and Locate dialogs in their Results grid include a right click menu option View SQL.
  • Print Purchase Order form has a right click menu option View SQL.
  • SMARTer Report Writer (SRW) has a View SQL option in the main menu.